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Building blocks

29 Jun

I’m a sucker for building blocks – the old fashion, wooden ones… Thought I’d do a round up of some that I could find…

I love the rusticness and simplicity of these building blocks – plus the hours of fun in creating these from reclaimed wood – full post available from Filth Wizardry

How beautiful are these rainbow stacker ‘blocks’ from Etsy?

And these blocks, also from Etsy


And if you’re looking for more softer blocks, here’s a lovely tutorial from Spearmint Baby

Or another take on ‘blocks’ that should be easy to make yourself.. You can see the full post at Choose the Thrive

Or a yummier version ( recipe from Martha Stewart)


Lego Love

20 Jun

How cute are these lego cakes from Craftzine

Love this idea for birthday party decoration from

I came across this AMAZING tutorial for these super lovely Lego necklaces… I’m off to find some lego this weekend to make some! Many comments on the original post suggested making these for party packs and also for entrepreneur days at school… Me… I’m just going to make these for myself to wear!

And how about these for some cool lunch boxes from Babyology

Now these pics just made me chuckle and so thought I should share them

(Image Source:

(Image Source: Forochicas)

Little Cotton Rabbits

27 Apr

There are some people in this world who are truly just so talented at what they do! I sometimes wonder if we are all inherently so talented, but perhaps just haven’t found our true talent, or perhaps talent is also a combination of passion and hard work. I’m not sure of what makes someone so uber talented, but what I do know is that Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits does have an amazing talent that she obviously uses to it’s full potential – I’m sure you’ll agree seeing her beautiful creations below.

Going Fishing

13 Apr

I thought it was time to do more of a boy post today with all the frills and cuteness that’s been on the site for the last few days. Nothing uncute about this tutorial for a cool fishing game for boys and girls from this blog

Or for the knitters out there, how cute is Frida the Fish – pattern can be found here (for free) on Ravelry

I’m a sucker for Sock Monkey’s – but how cool is this Fish Sock? (No directions I’m afraid as the blog it comes from is in a language I don’t understand… maybe fish language? Reckon it would be pretty easy to work out though.)

And if you’re thinking of a Fishing Birthday Party – how’s this for a cool cake made from fishy cupcakes (from Family Fun).

And if you were doing a fishing party….

And would this not be a great party pack?

Or is a fish in a jar a bit cruel, I’m not sure how fishes feel about jars? Ok – only do this if it’s ok with the fish, and they’ve got enough room in the jar to have a good swim.

(Image source: April and May Studio)

Things to make

31 Mar

Make your own lava lamps for kids

How’s this for a lovely craft idea to do with your kids.. They look so easy to make, the kids could have one in every colour!

All you need is an empty water bottle, food coloring, vegetable oil, and alka seltzer. You can view the full ‘recipe’ on the S.L Photography blog


Musical Rainbow Xylophone

How cool is this for a quick and easy (and inexpensive!) activity for the kids. You can check the full blog post and more photos here

Superhero Mania – Kapow

23 Mar

I have to admit, I’ve got a bunch of my own Superhero’s. From my husband, (especially when he gently removes those ridiculously large rain spiders from the inside our house), and to my own Dad –  cause lets face it and I hope you agree – there’s a part of us that will always see our Dads as our Superhero – perhaps it’s because we know it’s the one person we can call, whenever, and where ever we are, and we know if anyone will move the world for us, it’ll be our Dads!

So, for the little superhero people in our lives….

A tutorial to make their very own Superhero Capes from The Pleated Poppy

And speaking of tutorials, here’s the easiest ‘how-to’ to make these super cool Super Hero cuffs from Sewingin-Nomansland – seriously, you won’t believe how easy they are!

How cool are these Superhero shoes from Smallfly on Etsy

Imagine the faces on the kids at the birthday party when this bad boy, I mean, superhero birthday cake gets wheeled to the table. (Cake from Design Fetish)

Free printables from One Charming Party here….. KAPOW 🙂

May you have a Super Hero filled day!

Easter Knits

22 Mar

From Twins Knit

Just love these knitted bunnies, and looks about right for my level of expertise with knitting!

And then there’s this very cute Easter Bunny, also from Twins Knit

Rolobox: A toy kids will actually use

21 Mar

It’s not a rare occurrence to spend a small fortune on toys for some beloved tot only to find they toss the toy in favor of the box. Enter Rolobox – the simple set of wheels and drawstring will have even the most mechanically-challenged parent smiling especially when their kids are occupied for hours and no apologies need be made for their kids’ thrifty sense of fun. Available from Holy Kaw.


Curly Birds

11 Mar

I’m sorry….. but HOW adorable? Check out the Curly Birds blog devoted to crafts for children and the art of play.

Dolls houses with a difference

8 Mar

What a cute idea for a different dolls house – this one you can even sleep in yourself. We just love this idea!

You can see more on these gorgeous pillow doll houses, together with the inside of the house, here.  (You can also purchase these beautiful pillows at the Mycakies Etsy shop

Looks like the recipient of this gift was a very happy home owner, and would give ‘tucking your dolls into bed for the night’ a whole new dimension!

Here’s another dolls house to make – this one is a little more portable, and you can view the full tutorial at this blog (with some more ideas for different houses)

And then, just for some more eye candy – I couldn’t resist adding these ‘dolls houses’  for the moms!