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A Magic Wand anyone?

19 Jul

[BLUSH]…. where have I been!!! Sorry for blatantly ignoring my blog these last few weeks, truth is I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with what has to be done in the next 4.5 weeks before baby 2 arrives, and kind of feel like I need a magic wand (or a kick up the butt) to get through my to do list… Here’s what I found in the magic wand department, so might go with one of these…

This one from Dear Lizzy is made with pretty yarn, cookie cutters and glue…. kind of magic itself


Love this idea from Can’t Stop Making Things– comes with wishes attached even!



Here’s another tutorial from Natural Kids to make these pretty wands from felt and other bits and pieces



Who says you can’t cut your cake and eat it… when it comes to magic wands there’s just no limits


(Image from

Or follow this tutorial to make your own magic wand biscuit with sparkles and all.


or these from Princess Sharon events


So here goes….

Hope you all have a magical day today 🙂


Pretty bows… rainbows included

4 Jun

I came across this gorgeous tutorial, you know me and rainbows, or rather bright colours! I couldn’t resist trying out making the little bows with some scrap felt I have in my craft cupboard, and seriously – they’re sooo easy to make!  I’ve made two sitting next to my monkey while she has her supper!

So – if you pop over to My Sisters Suitcase you’ll get your hands on the free printable to make a very cool handmade gift like the picture, and then over to

Free Time Frolics for the tutorial and pattern (trust me it’s too easy)

I also saw this tutorial for a very pretty pinwheel hair clip over at The Mother Huddle. I haven’t tried it yet, but Heat n Bond is on my shopping list for the week…

Cute huh..

Flowers, especially for you

13 Mar

I haven’t received a bunch of flowers for a little while now, and you’ve got to agree with me, there’s nothing nicer than a bunch of flowers… from the moment they arrive through the door in the hand of someone you love, to putting them in the vase and them brightening up your home for days to come… Thought I’d brighten up this Tuesday with some flowers for you all 🙂

Tutorial to make your own bunch of these flowers here.

Now you might not believe me… but this pot plant is edible! You can get the recipe over at Babble

Pop over to All things Simple for this lovely tutorial for this balloon flower.

Cute cake toppers, from Etsy, to brighten any occasion..

Make your own flower baby mobile using this tutorial from Create Loves

Cute party hats for a flower party from Inchmark

Hope you enjoyed the flowers 🙂


Seriously, this is my kind of tree!

9 Dec

So I know I posted just a few days ago on Christmas trees, but seriously, that was before I came across this tree!!! And you know how much this gal loves a rainbows… so

And if you’ve got some felt to use… how cute is tis rainbow Christmas tree?


And then here’s some ideas for some rainbow decorations!

I’m a little bit head over heels in love with these, not sure how easy to make, but they look easy enough… And perfect for our very  Christmas tree. See how  to do it here…


You can dye some pasta to make pasta chains for the tree (or pretty necklaces) – see how they do it here

Baby Shower Gifts

25 Oct

Anyone want to invite me to their baby shower cause I don’t have any coming up that I can think of, and seriously want to make one of these as a gift… (and with the step by step tutorial available from Sweet Aprils I’m hoping it’ll be a success!)

AND….. then I came across this cake for a baby shower from Chef Sam! How real does this look… (and did I mention that what makes it even more fabulous is that this talent is 100% local (Cape Town)… just love home grown)

Cute as buttons

5 Jul

Can you believe that these cute buttons are made out of egg boxes! You can see how they are made at the DIY provided by Pretty Little Things

Love how they’ve embellished these little t-shirts with buttons. Cute cute cute, and you can see how it’s down on Ucreate

Don’t these look as cute as they look delicious! (Image and recipe from Flickr)


I’ve shown some of these monograms before, but I really do love them. Buttons, oooh, just love buttons. This one is available from Etsy.

And lastly… how about some button cupcake frosting!

(Image from: Si Alem)

Things to Make Tuesday: Four out of Five

28 Jun

So this last weekend we took ourselves off to the House and Garden Show in Durban  – I especially loved their Home Grown Section – a hall filled with handmade people – a little bit of heaven for me.

Anyway, one of the stands that we came across was selling the most awesome kiddies cooking accessories. Little aprons for boys and girls, the sweetest little wooden spoons as well as perfectly kid-sized chopping boards, with embellishments! I have to admit  it really was these items that first caught my attention – but we quickly got chatting and it turned out that the main item was in fact a recipe book ‘Four out of Five’.  Now, first things first – you’ve got to respect this Mamma – she’s got 5 children… published recipe book or not…

The recipe book – titled Four out of Five because each recipe had to get the thumbs up from at least 4 out of her 5 kids – a better panel of judges I’m sure you won’t get.

What I love about this book is the recipes are really simple, straight forward, healthy, and I don’t think will take too long to cook. (Let’s be honest, with 5 kids, this mamma ain’t going to be putting a cook book together where the meals take the whole afternoon to cook!). Did I mention that the recipes all look really yummy as well! Seriously…

So here’s my advice… if you live in Durban make your way down to the House and Garden show, otherwise, get in touch with this husband and wife team via their website here…. I really don’t think you’ll be dissappointed. (Did I mention that 15% of the proceeds of the sale of the books go to playground equipment for underprivileged pre-primary schools)



So on the note of cooking and kids, here are some more cuteness on the topic

Aren’t these cute little chefs from On to Baby really sweet! Nice idea for a birthday party to make your own pizza’s!

And how sweet is this play play kitchen area, from Desire to Inspire, below?

And lastly, don’t you just love this little vintage apron from Smashed Peas and Carrots. (Tutorial)

And for those of you that aren’t brave enough to get into the kitchen with your kids yet, there is always this option…

(From OhDeeDoh)

Things to make Tuesday: Party decor

21 Jun

I went to a birthday party last week where the very clever mom had made one of these balloon banners…Anyone needing full DIY instructions to do this, can find them here at Design Mom

I’m sure everyone remembers making paper chains at school, but for some reason I can never remember mine being THIS colourful! How gorgeous is this

(Image source: Etsy)

Now I do think that this project would be a heap of more more fun if we lived where it snowed, (but then again I’m even more glad we have temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius today in winter so that will be the last I wish for snow). Either way – I do like this coloured ‘glass’ / ice tutorial from Hurrayic

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Make it Tuesday: It’s Father’s Day on Sunday!

14 Jun

Here are some ideas that I love for the special man in our family…

I love this for an idea – they’ve used a blank note pad and have drawn on the sides – you won’t notice it on any one page, but makes for a great gift for Dad’s desk! (From Martha Stewart)

Our monkey’s not quite at the stage of drawing and writing “I Love You” notes for her dad, so I’m going to have to save the above idea for a few years time! What I am going to attempt this year is the following from Tip Junkie


And for the more adventurous photographers amongst us…

Love this idea from Katherine Marie Photography


(we recently showed similiar projects but for the kids – this would be great for the Dad!)

(From Freckle Photo)

Things to Do Tuesday: Remembering Birthdays!

7 Jun

My word for 2011 is meant to be organization!!! We’re basically half way through the year and I’m reflecting on how more organized I’ve become.  hmmmm. I think there has been some improvement, but nothing too life changing yet! Clearly I’m a work in progress. Anyway… I’ve realized that to help me on my quest to be more organized a ‘To do’ list is essential (I know, not rocket science, but I’ve already put my disclaimer out that I’m a slow work in progress.

So… here it is…. my to do list that I”ll print a truckload of and they’re so pretty I think I might actually want to add to this every hour of my day… Let’s hope I get to cross stuff off just as much!

This gorgeous & free printable is available off the lovely All Sorts blog.

Next on my list is a birthday calendar – this might seem a bit excessive, but not really when you count the number of birthday’s I’ve missed this year (and the number of birthdays that are being added at a monthly rate these days).

I recently brought this stunning calendar from Whimsy (right here in Durban) and it’s got pride of place in my kitchen and so far I’ve got two birthdays right this week!

Here’s another one I quite like that I saw on Babble

Staying on Birthdays – I came across this birthday tradition that I really like and wouldn’t mind starting in our house. They use an advent calendar and each day members leave little notes for the birthday person leading up to their special days. The teddy also moves closer and closer to their big day. Pretty sweet huh. (You can see the full story on OhDeeDoh)

And lastly – when you’re totally organized, have remembered the birthday, even got the present and card all sorted days ahead of time thanks to your to do list, how’s this for an amazing way to wrap a gift. (Idea from another favourite blog of mine – Mini-Eco)