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You are my Sunshine (free printable)

19 Nov

Like probably a million moms around the world, this is the song that I sing to my little monkey when I’m waking her up from her afternoon nap, or when I changed her when she was a baby, or my first choice in the car when we’re choosing songs to sing… I just love the design of this print, and even better is that it’s available from to download for free from Designer Blogs. Guess what I’m printing tomorrow to put up in my monkey’s room.

A big girl bed!

15 Mar

So I have to be honest, as super cute that all these big girl beds are in the pics to follow, the thought of moving my monkey (21 months) to a big girl bed is enough to keep me awake at night! The thing is that with monkey 2 on the way, I want her to be settled in a big girl bed before baby arrives (I need the cot!). With only 5 months to go, I reckon I can’t leave it that much longer to give her time to settle in… Any mom’s out there with any tips – please feel free to share the advice on a smooth transition, and more importantly how we’re going to keep her in her bed.

Anyway, don’t you think these ideas are cute! Whether they make the transition any easier, I”m not too sure, but cute either way!

Image from Minlilla Veranda 

Can you imagine how excited I was when a friend sent me the website for Nest – a local company that is an online retail store selling a beautiful range of furniture and storage solutions, just for kids!

(Image from Nest)

(Image from Pinterest)

Love the little lights on this bed from Thrifty Southern Living with Brooke

Posters for boys bedrooms

1 Mar

Available from Etsy

Image seen on Modern Parents Messy Kids (and for the record, in my opinion, totally suitable for girls rooms as well)


Inspiration for Boys rooms

29 Feb

So a friend asked me to put some ideas together for a boys room that her two young boys are sharing… I have to be honest, there were so many idea that I’ve kind of stalled and got stuck on an aeroplane theme for now (with a few extra’s at the end of the post). So… because she needs some more ideas on different themes, watch out for some similar posts coming up!

For now – as I mentioned, here are some ideas for an aeroplane themed room for boys !

Love these wall decals available from Etsy (available in different colours)

Cute bookshelf from Bambino Goodies

And how sweet to have clouds hanging from your roof – tutorial from Oh Crafts

And how lovely is this aeroplane mobile from Lauren Clark’s blog 

Love the stripes on this wall from Noosh Kids.. you obviously wouldn’t do all the walls like this, but one wall would look so fab… I’m a big fan of stripes to add something extra to a room… (and all you need is some masking tape, good measuring skills and if your lucky a design team.. no seriously – it’s completely doable as a DIY project in my opinion.

Or stripes like this from Design Sponge… (more like what we’ve got in the monkey’s room)

And then for a random thoght – love these skateboard shelves from Sas Interiors

Bright and fun nurserys

16 Feb

So you may have seen our very special news on Twitter  that we are expecting a little sister or brother for our little monkey. Our 12 week scan yesterday went well and the little baba looks happy, healthy and growing perfectly. So, with this news my stomach is all a flutter with excitement and dreams for what lies ahead..

So, bear with me if the next few months are quite ‘new baby’ focused… Starting off today with some ideas for a nursery… We won’t find out whether this little bump is a boy or a girl so we’ll be putting a ‘gender neutral’ room together, but as you know me – it’s probably going to be bright and fun, nothing ‘neutral’ about it… here are a few ideas I came across so far… I’m sure there will be plenty to follow!

I’ve never been able to get my bunting hanging quite right, but more than anything I’m convinced I need some bright and colourful bunting for the new nursery… always loved bunting, now just need to get it right! (so many beautiful nursery inspirations from The Boo and the Boy, including this one.

I do kind of love this colour combination of the yellow and the blue… and even though it’s blue it doesn’t scream boy at you I don’t think? You should check out the post with every detail of this beautiful nursery from Kerry’s Craft Blog.

I’m also quite a fan of this green (and the yellow of course) nursery that I saw on Spearmint Baby… Decisions decisions decisions!

Something just grabbed me in this picture from Pinterest of this nursery. It’s not really my normal style, but I still really like it – perhaps it’s that beautiful crochet blanket, filled with bright and beautiful colours. Going to get my crocheting out and start a project I think… 6 months and counting.



3 Aug

How cool is this teepee and room in general from here. Love the cushions, love the bunting, love it all.

These adorable photos are from Renee Hindman Photography.

Now as far as I can tell, this TeePee is actually for sale, or can be made to order from Henry’s House

not sure if this qualifies for a teepee, but it’s close enough in my books and it’s still so cute!

And if you’re the adventurious sewing type, here’s a tutorial from Lincraft that I found on how to sew your own teepee (I can’t vouch for the pattern as haven’t tried it!)

Or another to make from Sew Mama Sew

Loving these Nautical themes

26 Jul

Not sure whether it’s because I’m really looking forward to summer making it’s way sooner rather than later, but I’m really loving these nautical themes…

I just love how they’ve used the spades as decor in this room. Also love the striped cushion of course – from A list baby

Such a beautiful mobile from A Cup of Jo

Love the stripes in this Captain’s nursery… (from K.I.S.S)

And saving my favourite for last – How cute is this PINK nautical theme from Project Nursery

I LOVE Bunting

30 May

Love love love Bunting – this one is from Etsy – how lovely?

And then there’s this beautiful explosion of colour from the always gorgeous Attic 24

Cute bunting on a cake from Suzie Beezie on Tumblr

You can download this free printable to make your own gorgeous bunting from All Sorts . I reckon it would also look great on a cake!

Love this layout for some scrapbooking, especially the way they’ve used the bunting… hmm, or is it the colour (from UK Scrappers)

I’m sure you can imagine what this finished paper garland looks like – you can pop over to Spearmint Baby for the end result, but such a great (and free) resource to use!

Happy Birthday Bunting from Le Fru Fru

Wooden finishes

21 Apr

How cool is this bedroom from Kids Factory

What a stunning bed made from wooden pallets from Design Sponge

Don’t you just love the wall paper behind this wooden cupboard. (Image source: Pinterest)

(Image source: Blue Moss Girls)

Bright Cosy Blankets & the Twitter Blanket Drive #TBD

20 Apr

Before your eyes wander further down this blog post, the real reason for this blog post is to hopefully raise awareness of The Twitter Blanket Drive or #TBD that is happening for the 2nd year running in South Africa. The campaign’s aim is to collect blankets for the poor and needy as winter fast approaches.  So – I challenge you to visit their website, or follow the Twitter feed using #TBD. And for a great summary of the campaign and how you can get involved you can visit Barrie Bramley’s recent blog post here.

And once you’ve done all that 🙂 enjoy the eye candy that follows in this blog post.

I just LOVE the blog (every inch of it) where this comes from – Attic24 – filled with beautiful colours and designs and all things so very very pretty.

(Image Source: We Heart It)

(Image Source: Flickr)

I also love the simple colour combination of this crocheted blanket available on Etsy

Just kind of like this picture from

And the last one, also from Attic24

But, let’s not forget the real point of the blog – although I loved finding all these gorgeous bright, warm and cosy blankets, the kids and needy people in South Africa don’t even require a blanket that’s beautiful – they just need blankets that will keep them warm as winter approaches, so if you can, why not support the #TBD