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You are my Sunshine (free printable)

19 Nov

Like probably a million moms around the world, this is the song that I sing to my little monkey when I’m waking her up from her afternoon nap, or when I changed her when she was a baby, or my first choice in the car when we’re choosing songs to sing… I just love the design of this print, and even better is that it’s available from to download for free from Designer Blogs. Guess what I’m printing tomorrow to put up in my monkey’s room.

Recording baby’s first year (and my very first give away!)

8 Nov

My little guy is 12 weeks old today. 12 WEEKS, seriously, where has the time gone. I actually don’t want to think about it too much because it makes me a little sad that my tiny newborn is getting big, sometimes I wish I could just freeze time and keep him this little forever. (And then I remember what it’s like to kind of sleep through the night and I get happy again that time does move forward!).

Which brings me to today’s post… different ways to record your baby’s first year. I’ve only woken up now to do this, and I could kick myself that I’ve already lost 12 weeks. Anyway, I’ve set reminders on my phone for the 21st of every month going forward and I WILL capture a photo monthly.

Here are some cute ideas I found…

Love this photoshop tutorial from Young House Love

I also like the idea of placing baby in the same spot throughout the year to see how they are growing in comparison. Love this from Cheap Chic Nursery.

And this idea from Under the Sycamore

And so…. last but not least… I love the idea so much (even if I’m a little behind in my months), I decided to pull some creative director rank in my home and together with my darling graphic designer husband we came up with the following two designs of monthly (vinyl) stickers that you can use to capture those months that go by oh so quick.

Each sticker is 10cm in diameter and can be used a number of times to ensure you get the perfect photo each month. Stick them on their onesies, t-shirts, nappy bums etc, snap away with your camera and in a years time you’ll have some great photo evidence of how your little people have grown throughout the year. A great alternative to the standard gifts of bum cream and bath products at a baby shower ¬†ūüôā

I’m selling them for R120 for a pack of 12, inclusive of postage. I am going to give a set away – all you need to do is ‘like’ my very very new Facebook page for the stickers. Any tweets will give you additional entries, and we’ll do the draw on Tuesday 13 Nov…

Pop over here if you are interested in buying some

Our Family of Four

1 Sep

Remember me… I’m the chick that used to blog just about every day here… anyway, I’m the same chick, I just don’t get here that much at the moment, I’ve made my excuses in previous posts, so for now I’m just going with the flow and trust I’ll be back here more frequently when the time is right…

So many of you have been so supportive in our journey as parents though, and so I did want to share our latest news with you, and yes, I am so very proud of my family that I’m taking all opportunities to share our special blessings with the world.

So… without further ado… let me introduce to you little Miles John Foulston. Born on the 21st August, by C-Section, in Durban, South Africa. 3.02kg and 48cm of perfectness for us. Watching him sleep right next to me I am amazed daily at what a miracle each and every birth is and just how amazing God is to provide us with our son.

My biggest little monkey is being an amazing big sister so far, with lots of cuddles and helping hands. She’s test driven his bottle and dummy and there have of course been moments when she’s had her wobbles, but over all she’s a great big sister and still the apple of our eye.

Here are a few photos from a photo shoot we did with the amazingly talented Megan Hancock this week.





Pretty bows… rainbows included

4 Jun

I came across this gorgeous tutorial, you know me and rainbows, or rather bright colours! I couldn’t resist trying out making the little bows with some scrap felt I have in my craft cupboard, and seriously – they’re sooo easy to make! ¬†I’ve made two sitting next to my monkey while she has her supper!

So – if you pop over to My Sisters Suitcase you’ll get your hands on the free printable to make a very cool handmade gift like the picture, and then over to

Free Time Frolics for the tutorial and pattern (trust me it’s too easy)

I also saw this tutorial for a very pretty pinwheel hair clip over at The Mother Huddle. I haven’t tried it yet, but Heat n Bond is on my shopping list for the week…

Cute huh..

Week 17 already (18 tomorrow)

28 Mar

Most people I’ve spoken to agrees that the second pregnancy is a little different from the first, I guess your mind is a little pre-occupied with life with a toddler / baby / little person to give the bump as much attention as you did the first. Don’t get me wrong, not a day goes by where I don’t want to acknowledge the miracle that is growing inside me. The weeks are going by so much faster, I can’t believe that I’m 3 weeks away from half way to bringing this little person into the world and we’ll go from a family of 3 to 4… ¬†Thought I would do a post on recording one’s pregnancy, which also kind of made me think that I need to start a few blog posts for this little baby growing inside me – it’s more than likely our last pregnancy and I want to remember every week of it… so, I’m not promising, but I’m going to try and keep a pregnancy journal of sorts here… my inspiration comes from Hannah Mac

Isn’t this a cute and different way of counting the weeks! (Image from

Or this one from Babble if you have an older sibling that’s being prepared for the arrival of number 2

I haven’t quite managed to explain the baby in my tummy to our monkey, and let’s face it, at 22 months it’s going to be a kind of difficult concept to grasp – this photo made me smile, cause it’s kind of what she does when I mention the baby in my tum!

(Image source)

Double Trouble

2 Mar

So yesterday, a fellow Clamber Club mom shared her amazing news that not only is she pregnant, but she’s got two babies on board. How exciting is that news!!!!

Twin maternity photo shoot from Capturing the Moment

Now this picture would be cute just with one baba, but two makes it just that much more cuter don’t you think! Maybe that’s the story of the lives of families with twins?

Knitted hats available from Etsy

How much of cuteness is this photograph from Amarie Photographe

Cute twin baby grows from Etsy

And just for some extra cute photography – image from Flickr

So clever (and brave) Mommy and Daddy’s who make two special people at once… and to Layla’s buddy at Clamber Club who’s going to be such a beautiful big brother, we wish you lots of love and adventures on the road ahead…

(Image from Zimmerman Life Blog)

Bright and fun nurserys

16 Feb

So you may have seen our very special news on Twitter  that we are expecting a little sister or brother for our little monkey. Our 12 week scan yesterday went well and the little baba looks happy, healthy and growing perfectly. So, with this news my stomach is all a flutter with excitement and dreams for what lies ahead..

So, bear with me if the next few months are quite ‘new baby’ focused… Starting off today with some ideas for a nursery… We won’t find out whether this little bump is a boy or a girl so we’ll be putting a ‘gender neutral’ room together, but as you know me – it’s probably going to be bright and fun, nothing ‘neutral’ about it… here are a few ideas I came across so far… I’m sure there will be plenty to follow!

I’ve never been able to get my bunting hanging quite right, but more than anything I’m convinced I need some bright and colourful bunting for the new nursery… always loved bunting, now just need to get it right! (so many beautiful nursery inspirations from The Boo and the Boy, including this one.

I do kind of love this colour combination of the yellow and the blue… and even though it’s blue it doesn’t scream boy at you I don’t think? You should check out the post with every detail of this beautiful nursery from Kerry’s Craft Blog.

I’m also quite a fan of this green (and the yellow of course) nursery that I saw on Spearmint Baby… Decisions decisions decisions!

Something just grabbed me in this picture from Pinterest of this nursery. It’s not really my normal style, but I still really like it – perhaps it’s that beautiful crochet blanket, filled with bright and beautiful colours. Going to get my crocheting out and start a project I think… 6 months and counting.


Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Wishing all our preggy moms, new moms, tired moms, ¬†single moms,¬†working moms, stay at home moms, and all the mom’s out there today a very happy Valentine’s day. Hope you’re spoilt rotten and your day and year is filled with love love love.

1st Birthday parties

10 Feb

How many times have you heard mom’s ask the question around the little one’s first birthday parties – the big question? Do we go big or not? So many different views, some go completely overboard, some don’t do anything and some I guess take the middle road. For me it was more about celebrating our monkey’s first year with our friends who had been through many of the ups and downs with us. Of course she won’t remember it, but we made sure we took some good photos, and most importantly for me, it was a day spent with loved ones and day spent reflecting on what a blessing she had been in our lives at that point. (4 months to go till her 2nd birthday now can you believe it!)

Anyway, I saw this awesome idea on On To Baby and thought I’d share it. Something as simple as using baby’s clothes from the year as bunting, together with photos from the year – perfect decor for some awesome reminders of how far you’ve come and how special the first year has been.

Anyone else got some cute, simple ideas for celebrating 1st Birthday’s?

My Happy Family

6 Dec

The weekend of our family photo shoot finally arrived and we couldn’t be happier with the results. (If there’s any family reading this post please don’t show the grandparents as they’re getting some of these in their Christmas stockings!)

A massive thanks to our friend Megan Hancock for capturing our gorgeous monkey so perfectly.