Going Fishing

13 Apr

I thought it was time to do more of a boy post today with all the frills and cuteness that’s been on the site for the last few days. Nothing uncute about this tutorial for a cool fishing game for boys and girls from this blog

Or for the knitters out there, how cute is Frida the Fish – pattern can be found here (for free) on Ravelry

I’m a sucker for Sock Monkey’s – but how cool is this Fish Sock? (No directions I’m afraid as the blog it comes from is in a language I don’t understand… maybe fish language? Reckon it would be pretty easy to work out though.)

And if you’re thinking of a Fishing Birthday Party – how’s this for a cool cake made from fishy cupcakes (from Family Fun).

And if you were doing a fishing party….

And would this not be a great party pack?

Or is a fish in a jar a bit cruel, I’m not sure how fishes feel about jars? Ok – only do this if it’s ok with the fish, and they’ve got enough room in the jar to have a good swim.

(Image source: April and May Studio)


2 Responses to “Going Fishing”

  1. cupcakemummy April 13, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    Hahahahaha I love it! I actually really like the sewn fish for my lil fish’s room as decor. We had fish in jars as decor for his first birthday and they were perfectly fine after (just don’t put a lid on)

  2. Helen April 13, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    We had a pond party last year when the girls turned 3 – so much fun!

    I made a huge felt pond the size of our play room and sewed 20 felt fish for all the kids to ‘fish’ for. All the kids loved it and we still get it out sometimes to play with on rainy days.


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