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Toddler activity – Day 6: Spray painting

9 Nov

It’s been raining here for what feels like months, so when we woke up this morning and the sun was shining I knew it was going to be a fun day!

I have to admit that I’m a little nervous of hauling out the paints – it always seems to end up with more paint on both my monkey and I, than on the paper, and of course today was no exception!

Anyway, I saw this idea on Pinterest a while ago and have been wanting to give it a try – today was the day. Easy peasy to do, I just used some paint we normally use (Dala wet paint), chucked some in the spray bottle that I got from our local plastic shop, added water and let the fun begin. It took a few minutes for my monkey to get the spraying part right, but she soon had it and just loved spraying the paint on the paper (and later on the flowers, drive way, cat and wall!!!!!, and the morning ended with her chasing me around the garden.)

I know it’s probably not the most responsible parenting, and ¬†at the time kind of felt I should be telling her off and not letting her chase me trying to cover me in paint, but we were both laughing so much that I let her get away with it! I’m hoping they don’t try this activity at school next year and I have to explain to the teacher why she’s spraying the kids and not the paper ūüôā Just for the record I did draw the line when she decided to add some colour to the wall and to our cat!


Public announcement from our cat to yours: Stay clear when toddler is armed with spray paint


Running after mom, armed and dangerous!



Have a fun filled weekend with hopefully heaps of special moments with your kiddies x

Day 4 and Day 5 of Toddler Activities: Love Bubbles and Salt Rainbow art

23 Oct

We’ve had such fun with these two activities, thought I’d share them in one post though as I’m not getting to my computer too much at the moment.

Day 4 we did some rainbow salt drawing

that I first saw over at¬†Learning 4 Kids. Mom had fun sticking the coloured paper together and drawing in the salt before handing it over to my monkey for some fun. I used a big paint brush for Layla to draw with and she’s loving it, and such an easy activity! (the trick I think is not to use too much salt otherwise the lines don’t appear so well..)

And next up was growing ‘love bubbles’ which turned into great sensory play for my little monkey. I’m not sure what the official name for ‘love bubbles’ are, but basically you get them from a florist and they are used to decorate vases that you put flowers in. They start off as tiny little balls and after they’ve been in water for an afternoon or so, they grow to be the size of marbles, but are soft, squishy and a little¬†slimey, but so devine to put your hands through, trust me… and my toddler who has carried her bowl of love bubbles around with her for a few days now…

This is what the ‘Love Bubbles’ look like when you buy them… these are red ones obviously and not the clear ones we used below!


And this is what they look like once you’ve put them in water and they’ve grown



And this is what a happy little girl looks like playing with them ūüôā



Have fun xx

Rainbow Carnations

19 Oct

Hands up who remembers doing this experiment back in junior school. I remember it clearly, and it was no where near as awesome as this with all the colours. (I remember the teacher using blue ink that came from the school supply room!)



And just cause I can… some more rainbow flower prettyness…

(Image Source: Tumblr)

Image Source: Flikr



30 Days of activities with my Monkey: Day 1

28 Sep

Life’s been beautiful, crazy, time zapping, confusing, frustrating, but most of all a real blessing. Our little guy is growing nicely, new born niggles and all (read: help! I often have no idea what’s wrong and feel like I should!), and the big sister monkey is adapting like a super star all things considering.

I have to admit that one of the biggest issues since Miles has joined our family is the guilt I feel not having as much time with my biggest monkey. We’re so incredibitly lucky to have the most amazing Gogo to help out in this regard but I still have days of feeling¬†desperately¬†guilty of not being able to split myself in pieces for Miles, Layla and of course my man.

Any way, it is what it is, and instead of feeling guilty about it I thought it would be a good idea to come up with some ideas of quality time that I can spend with Layla for the next 30 days. Instead of finding myself with half an hour of free time and then not knowing what to do with it, I’ve written down a few ideas and will see how we goes.


(Image source: Pinterest)

Day 1 tied in nicely with our ‘stand in’ Granny coming over for some tea and because I’d kind of missed her birthday last week we decided it would be good to throw her a tea party… with us decorating Marie biscuits for the tea¬†(I was going to do cupcakes but ran out of time and the biscuits were perfect actually). Hats off to Vicky for actually eating one of these biscuits covered in too much icing and pretty sprinkles).

Layla loved this activity. It was just long enough to hold her attention, and of course the yummies that went with it were an added bonus, testing the ingredients as we went.

All we needed was some marie biscuits, icing sugar, sprinkles and smarties. We put the table outside because of the stickiness factor and the fun started..

Here are some pics of us having some fun… (pics taken with my phone!)




Love the chubby little fingers with all that colour!




Decorating…So much concentration…



Hmmm I think I’ll just test one before the tea party starts ūüôā

Not quite how ours turned out, but couldn’t resist posting the pretty colours of these cupcakes (plus the recipe of course)!

Painting 101

6 Jun

So I have to be honest, the idea of painting is one that I love for our little people, the creativity that it promotes, the bright colours, the fun and mess that can be made – in my mind are all ingredients for a really fun time! The problem is that I just don’t do it enough because of the mess that it brings on! Baaaaad excuse I know…

Our little monkey got a very special and creative birthday present from a friend – a set of poster paints and a canvas, with a paint brush with a bow tied around it. I just LOVE this pressie – it even came with a suggestion that her first ‘masterpiece’ could be used in an artpiece for her brother/sister’s room that we need to get cracking on. Before we get started with her work of art on a canvas –¬†¬†I saw this side walk paint the other day and thought I must try it – so this weekend, that’s what I’m going to do… no excuses.. I do also just love the colours of course, and I’m sure my little monkey will as well. Both the recipes in the paints below look easy and quick enough with no surprise ingredients that you won’t have (that’s coming from me who didn’t have any vanilla essence in the cupboard when making my monkey’s birthday cake two weeks ago, seriously – who doesn’t have vanilla essence in their cupboard!)

This recipe from Domestic Charm is for the sidewalk paint

And this recipe¬†for puffy paint¬†is from Get Your Mess On is…

Happy painting everyone… hope you enjoy the master pieces that are created.

Easter treats for you and your little ones

23 Mar

Not sure where I’ve been, but I’m just woken up to the fact that Easter is just around the corner! I’ve been pretty quite on the blogging front so thought putting up some ideas for Easter would be a good start again!

How cool are these dyed eggs from Skip to my Lou. Pop over to see how to dye eggs using food colouring.

Serve these for breakfast on Easter Morning…

(From Singing with Birds)

Don’t forget to have some bunny bait on hand to make sure the bunny pays your home a visit

How adorable are these cookies from The Decorated Cookie (where they explain how these were made)

Make sure your little ones have an Easter basket of sorts to collect all their eggs in… See how this one was made from Small Fry and Co

Download some free Easter printables from Pieces of Me

Make yourself one of these cute Easter chicks… Pattern (and more adorable pics) available for download over at¬†Myrtle and Eunice¬†

Here’s another very cool tutorial for dyed eggs from Not Martha – this time they’ve actually put sweets inside, so when they’re cracked open there are treats inside… YUM ūüôā

And last but not least, let’s not forget to teach our kids what the real meaning of Easter is, not just bright and colourful eggs!

Save our Rhinos

24 Feb

I have to be honest, I’ve tried to ignore the fact that our Rhino population is rapidly declining due to dumb ass poachers who take their horns for cures to every illness in the world. Here’s a heads up… Rhino horn doesn’t cure cancer, it doesn’t cure AIDS, it’s not going to have the same effect as viagra… 2011¬†has come and gone, leaving in its wake¬†448 known rhino carcasses despite the best efforts of so many. ¬†According to acclaimed rhino scientists, if poaching continues at its current rate South Africa‚Äôs rhino herd will go into population decline by mid-2012. So far this year alone, 64 Rhinos in South Africa have been poached… it’s just unacceptable…

If you’re like me and want not only your kids, but their kids too, to be able to view these¬†magnificent¬†animals in the wild next time you spend a weekend in the bush, (or visit Africa for the first time) well, let’s all do something about it.. whether it’s raising awareness of this massive problem, donating to saving them, or teaching our children all about these beautiful beasts, let’s not keep our heads in the sand (ostriches don’t need our support for now), let’s stand up for the Rhino’s and actually do something to stop their elimination!

Cute nursery art from Etsy

For the mom, don’t you like this Rhino Journal, also from Etsy

The perfect way to record each month of your baby’s first year (and let’s hope not the number of rhino’s poached!)

(Available from Etsy)

And this guy might be my favourite…. love the picture of him with the dinosaur – a good reminder to us on how close we are to reading story books to our grandkids on how Rhino’s used to roam Africa, just like the T-Rex!

We also love these cute little soft and cuddly Rhinos from the Crazy Aunt Company. What we love even more though is that 25% from every sale of these rhino’s is donated to the¬†World Wildlife Fund and their efforts to save Africa’s rhinos.

Balloon fun fun fun

20 Feb

How much fun is this idea – so simple, but I can only imagine sooo much fun! Pop over to Play at Home Mom for the complete tutorial on how they made these paint bombs from scratch!

And how’s this for a photo shoot back drop, from Mom Tog, busy even I’d agree, but got to love the colour and balloons!

The picture’s not the greatest, but I do like the idea of putting glow sticks into balloons before blowing them up for a night time party.. (image from Pinterest)

And here’s ¬†a picture…. featured just because it makes me happy just looking at it…

(Image source: Tumblr)

We’re going camping

19 Jan

There I said it, I can’t avoid the fact any more. This weekend, we are going camping. I love the out doors and I’ve loved camping, but I’m just not convinced camping with my busy body toddler is going to be the easiest thing. Ok ok, so I know we can’t always take the easy road, and I’m sure we’ll have some amazing memories from the weekend, but hello… two man tent – not sure where the “camp” in camp cot comes from unless you have a mansion of a tent. It’s going to be fun and games… I’m wondering whether I can get away with any of the below… might send this link to the Dad in our family and the fellow campers (most who don’t have children and I’m not sure they’ve thought through the close proximity of the camp sites, nor the non ability to shut your door and sleep in behind walls. ha ha

Not too sure how much protection this ‘tent’ from Green Wedding Shoes would offer, but at least the camp cot would fit!

Ok, so suddenly I’m getting a little excited about camping. I mean you can’t go camping without toasting marshmallows on the fire now can you.. imagine I whip some of these out with our names on, or some fun words for 2012. ha ha, I’ll carry on dreaming, but you can pop over to The Cheese Thief to see how they did this

And lastly, I must remember to pack sleeping bags for everyone huh!

(You can find the tutorial to make this cute little teddy bear sleeping bag over at Upcycled Creatively )

Santa’s Photo Booth

18 Nov

How much fun is this for an idea?

(You can find the original post here, together with a link to the props used)

You can also get these downloads from Etsy

Definitely a fun morning for the school holidays!