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Frozen Yoghurt Dots

31 Oct

Super keen to give this idea a try and thought I’d share it with you. Check out the original post over at the ‘Small Fry Blog‘ for the original post and the ‘recipe’. Enjoy, I’m sure my little monkey is going to!

Day 4 and Day 5 of Toddler Activities: Love Bubbles and Salt Rainbow art

23 Oct

We’ve had such fun with these two activities, thought I’d share them in one post though as I’m not getting to my computer too much at the moment.

Day 4 we did some rainbow salt drawing

that I first saw over at Learning 4 Kids. Mom had fun sticking the coloured paper together and drawing in the salt before handing it over to my monkey for some fun. I used a big paint brush for Layla to draw with and she’s loving it, and such an easy activity! (the trick I think is not to use too much salt otherwise the lines don’t appear so well..)

And next up was growing ‘love bubbles’ which turned into great sensory play for my little monkey. I’m not sure what the official name for ‘love bubbles’ are, but basically you get them from a florist and they are used to decorate vases that you put flowers in. They start off as tiny little balls and after they’ve been in water for an afternoon or so, they grow to be the size of marbles, but are soft, squishy and a little slimey, but so devine to put your hands through, trust me… and my toddler who has carried her bowl of love bubbles around with her for a few days now…

This is what the ‘Love Bubbles’ look like when you buy them… these are red ones obviously and not the clear ones we used below!


And this is what they look like once you’ve put them in water and they’ve grown



And this is what a happy little girl looks like playing with them 🙂



Have fun xx

Rainbow Carnations

19 Oct

Hands up who remembers doing this experiment back in junior school. I remember it clearly, and it was no where near as awesome as this with all the colours. (I remember the teacher using blue ink that came from the school supply room!)



And just cause I can… some more rainbow flower prettyness…

(Image Source: Tumblr)

Image Source: Flikr



A is for Awesome, B is for Bold and C is for Colour

17 Oct

Our little monkey goes to school in January and on one hand I’m so excited and on the other, I know I’ll be a complete wreck when the time comes… It’s going to be an exciting next step in our parenting adventure, made easier also by the lovely school that she’s going to. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it next year though… but for now I’m wondering what they’ll think I’m one of ‘those’ parents if I send the following pictures through as some suggestions of what they could do at the school. 🙂

Imagine sending your kids to this school, and if this is what the school looks like, can you just imagine the actual learning that goes on inside. Pretty awesome I think…


And if you can’t make it happen at a school near you, then why not use some colour to bring a little bit of ‘all year sunshine’ around to a courtyard near you.


(Image from Apartment Therapy)


Cool photography

11 Sep

Now I’m no photographer, in fact, the camera on my phone is as far as I go, but seeing such a cool picture on Bored Panda kinda makes me want to become a photographer just for 10 minutes or so…

According to this post, you can get this picture


by doing this…


Surely the options must be endless… ie, pretty flowers, etc?

What you’re doing matters

11 Jun

I saw this video clip on Colour Me There last week and just fell in love with what was said… So – two things, if you’re a mom… open the video clip and listen the the words, you’ll love it, and secondly, pop over to Colour Me There‘s blog – she’s my blogging hero, the reason I started blogging, she loves colour, she shaves her hair to support kids with cancer, she’s a real real mom and put’s it perfectly when she describes her blog as “bright and happy and colourful. But what I like to share most of all is happy.”

Painting 101

6 Jun

So I have to be honest, the idea of painting is one that I love for our little people, the creativity that it promotes, the bright colours, the fun and mess that can be made – in my mind are all ingredients for a really fun time! The problem is that I just don’t do it enough because of the mess that it brings on! Baaaaad excuse I know…

Our little monkey got a very special and creative birthday present from a friend – a set of poster paints and a canvas, with a paint brush with a bow tied around it. I just LOVE this pressie – it even came with a suggestion that her first ‘masterpiece’ could be used in an artpiece for her brother/sister’s room that we need to get cracking on. Before we get started with her work of art on a canvas –  I saw this side walk paint the other day and thought I must try it – so this weekend, that’s what I’m going to do… no excuses.. I do also just love the colours of course, and I’m sure my little monkey will as well. Both the recipes in the paints below look easy and quick enough with no surprise ingredients that you won’t have (that’s coming from me who didn’t have any vanilla essence in the cupboard when making my monkey’s birthday cake two weeks ago, seriously – who doesn’t have vanilla essence in their cupboard!)

This recipe from Domestic Charm is for the sidewalk paint

And this recipe for puffy paint is from Get Your Mess On is…

Happy painting everyone… hope you enjoy the master pieces that are created.