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Feel inside (and stuff like that) – Flight of the Conchords

3 Sep

The guys from Flight of the Conchords have always made me double over with laughter, plus in their own way they are just quite cool. I haven’t heard much of them over the last year or so, and so when my husband said they had a new video our we were on Youtube in no time. Their new project will make you laugh, cry and generally leave you feeling good inside… take a look here and support this amazing project where Flight of the Conchords linked up with a New Zealand children’s charity to raise funds to make kids better! – you can read more on the project here.

Check the video out where they first interview kids at a school and then turn these interviews into a song, raising over $NZ1.3 million already.

You can do your bit and feel good inside (and stuff like that) by purchasing the tune here with the money going to the charity. Love it when guys like this take on causes like this, cause let’s face it, we would all love a world where little kiddies don’t get sick!

Things to make with paper

7 Dec

Don’t these look like pieces or art… well, the good news is that if you pop over to How about Orange where you can get the template. Word over at the instructions says you don’t need anything put paper to make these! Impressive huh

And while we’re on the subject of making pretty cool things with paper…how about these um, paper things from Mini Eco..


Mr Men

7 Nov

I used, I mean, still love the Mr Men and Little Miss books… Growing up Mr Bump was my favourite… My keyring at the moment says Little Miss Late, if I could choose a character for my monkey I’d choose Little Miss Sunshine of course… I’d choose Mr Cheerful for my man, and probably Little Miss Busy for me… I’m striving for Little Miss Star, Little Miss Tidy and Little Miss Fun of course

Set of 1 inch button magnets available from Etsy

I just love the following ideas / photos from Kara’s Party Ideas

Cute Little Miss Sunshine Cake huh?

Cute knitted Mr Bump from Etsy

Cupcakes from Cupcakes take the Cake

Who else wants to vote for me… please

6 Nov


To showcase my blogging expertise I have to admit that it took me a few days to work out how to actually display this badge on the sidebare of my blog… Anyhoo, it’s up and if you click on it to vote for Colour Giggles you’ll make my day… that’s all… please and thanks…

SA Blog Awards Badge

Join me for Mumvember

2 Nov

With all this talk of Movember I loved this post on Kids Spot on Mumvember….

1. Plan a picnic dinner. Whether on the lounge-room floor or a park nearby. Pack a picnic and eat dinner the fun way.

2. Scream-free zone. Go a whole day without yelling or raising your voice at your kids.

3. Give yourself a time-out. Sneak ten minutes of me-time. Read a magazine. Paint your nails. Drink a cup of tea child-free.

4. Bake something. Make a deliciously naughty chocolate cake, and you have permission to lick the beaters.

5. Kiss your sleeping babies. Sneak a kiss while your kids are sleeping. Soak up the precious moment.

6. Tell a mum you care. Write a note or email to a mum you admire. Share the love around.

7. Make an effort Monday. Put on a lick of lipstick or do something special with your hair. You’ll feel and look beautiful.

8. Leave your kids a love note. Pop a picture or some words in their lunchbox, or beside their bed.

9. Make a date with yourself. Find a day this month and put it in your diary to do something special for you.

10. Take a photo of the kids and make sure you’re in it! Set the timer, or ask a friend to take a pic.

11. Rock on! Set the timer and play your most motivating music for 30 minutes while you give the house a quick clean!

12. Listen to your kids. Today when the kids talk, really listen. Stop what you’re doing, give them eye contact and really pay attention.

13. Have a bubble bath. When the kids are tucked in to bed, run a big bath with loads of bubbles. Stay in ’til your toes go wrinkly.

14. Break your own rules. Jump on the bed. Spend the day in your PJs. Have fun by breaking your own rules with the kids.

15. Read your favourite childhood book. Grab a copy of your favourite kid’s book and read it to your little ones.

16. Play! Forget the laundry for a moment and get down on the floor to play. Swing on the swings. Jump on the trampoline. Play!

17. Make a date with your partner. Organise a babysitter and set aside a date for a romantic dinner (even if it’s just a cheap meal!)

18. French fry Friday. We know they’re naughty but once a while won’t hurt. Buy them or make them!

19. Be an active mum. Take half an hour out with the kids. Walk around the block, get on your bike or play around at the park.

20. Be spontaneous. Don’t tell your kids what the day holds, instead surprise them with fun adventures along the way.

21. Have a reverse meal. Eat dessert first and then have dinner.

22. Call your mum. Let her know you love her. Treat your mum as you hope your kids will treat you when they grow up.

23. Decorate your fridge door. Give your kid’s artwork pride of place on the fridge door, and update the photos while you’re at it!

24. Turn it off! Switch off the TV, turn off the radio, switch your phone to silent and turn off your computer. Give your kids your undivided attention.

25. Wear something different. Take off your mum uniform and wear something different, a dress, a colourful top or something else that makes you smile.

26. Plan a play-date. Organise a play-date with another mum that you like and want to get to know better.

27. Write a letter and post it. Kids love getting mail. Write your kids a letter and post it in the mail. Watch their surprise as they receive a letter!

28. Use your secret talent. Can you juggle, balance on your head, sing, dance, sew or craft? Share your talent with your kids!

29. Let the kids play mum. Swap roles with the kids for half a day and let them play mum and you play kids.

30. Treat yourself. Buy your favourite magazine, a cup of coffee or a something sweet and take half an hour to celebrate being a fun mum.

So who’s joining me? There’s a hashtag on Twitter #mumvember and you can also let Kids Spot know how you’re going on the 30 day challenge…  go go go…


Rainbow crafts

24 Sep

Going to do this immediately… well as soon as I’ve got the balloons! Love this idea of filling balloons with play dough for an awesome sensory soft and squishy sensation. (originally seen on Play Create Explore)

And while we’re on the rainbow scene… how cool is this rainbow mobile from Etsy

I’m thinking that I don’t need to wait for a party to make these rainbow origami cubes, first seen on Hip Hip Hooray, but originally from Annily Green

Oh Happy Day

23 Sep

I saw these light balls on a post over at Modern Parents Messy Kids (originally from Oh Happy Day) and could almost plan a trip over to Montmartre where this shop is.. (Forgive me, I have to admit I have no idea where that is, well except that it’s in France – the French was a good clue on their website!)

And the good news is…….

Here’s a tutorial from Red Ted Art’s Blog on how to make yarn ball lights

Hi and Bye

14 Sep

Cute lunch box idea from Super Mom Moments, who also have some sweet lunch box tips!

Some more tips from A Thrifty Mom on how to make your lunchboxes fun.

Manifesto for Mums

10 Apr

(Image Source: I love pretty things)

Making clothes from used garments

7 Apr

How to make an old winter sweater into cozy toddler pants – you can find the tutorial to make these cute pants over at Prudent Baby

And while you’re at it, why not give these hats, from Chez Beeper Bebe a try as well!