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Recording baby’s first year (and my very first give away!)

8 Nov

My little guy is 12 weeks old today. 12 WEEKS, seriously, where has the time gone. I actually don’t want to think about it too much because it makes me a little sad that my tiny newborn is getting big, sometimes I wish I could just freeze time and keep him this little forever. (And then I remember what it’s like to kind of sleep through the night and I get happy again that time does move forward!).

Which brings me to today’s post… different ways to record your baby’s first year. I’ve only woken up now to do this, and I could kick myself that I’ve already lost 12 weeks. Anyway, I’ve set reminders on my phone for the 21st of every month going forward and I WILL capture a photo monthly.

Here are some cute ideas I found…

Love this photoshop tutorial from Young House Love

I also like the idea of placing baby in the same spot throughout the year to see how they are growing in comparison. Love this from Cheap Chic Nursery.

And this idea from Under the Sycamore

And so…. last but not least… I love the idea so much (even if I’m a little behind in my months), I decided to pull some creative director rank in my home and together with my darling graphic designer husband we came up with the following two designs of monthly (vinyl) stickers that you can use to capture those months that go by oh so quick.

Each sticker is 10cm in diameter and can be used a number of times to ensure you get the perfect photo each month. Stick them on their onesies, t-shirts, nappy bums etc, snap away with your camera and in a years time you’ll have some great photo evidence of how your little people have grown throughout the year. A great alternative to the standard gifts of bum cream and bath products at a baby shower  🙂

I’m selling them for R120 for a pack of 12, inclusive of postage. I am going to give a set away – all you need to do is ‘like’ my very very new Facebook page for the stickers. Any tweets will give you additional entries, and we’ll do the draw on Tuesday 13 Nov…

Pop over here if you are interested in buying some

Pretty bows… rainbows included

4 Jun

I came across this gorgeous tutorial, you know me and rainbows, or rather bright colours! I couldn’t resist trying out making the little bows with some scrap felt I have in my craft cupboard, and seriously – they’re sooo easy to make!  I’ve made two sitting next to my monkey while she has her supper!

So – if you pop over to My Sisters Suitcase you’ll get your hands on the free printable to make a very cool handmade gift like the picture, and then over to

Free Time Frolics for the tutorial and pattern (trust me it’s too easy)

I also saw this tutorial for a very pretty pinwheel hair clip over at The Mother Huddle. I haven’t tried it yet, but Heat n Bond is on my shopping list for the week…

Cute huh..

Baby Steps

18 Aug


Baby Steps… it’s a good reminder for me these days… but apart from that… our little monkey is now a walker! At 15 months she’s taken her time, but now that she’s found this new ‘talent’ she’s as pleased as anything with herself and is walking around with the cheesiest of grins on her face. (Mommy is of course equally as proud!)

Now I’ve never really been a shoe type of gal… in fact many a woman would be horrified with the number, or rather lack of shoes (especially heels) in my cupboard, but times might be changing, because when I see the adorable shoes that come in sizes just perfect for new walkers, my heart wants to melt and I can easily see how people can’t help but buy too many pairs of shoes! My monkey’s first real pair of walking shoes are a red pair of trainers, and as I said people… baby steps, but there is even some bling on these shoes… maybe there is still hope for us 🙂

Anyway, liked these pics to celebrate our little walker!

(Image from: Can you come outside to play)

And aren’t these the cutest little feet for walking, just the way they should be…

(Image found on Tumblr)


The cutest Super Heroes!

18 Jun

I’ve previously done a post on Super Hero Mania, but couldn’t resist doing another post after seeing such cute capes and pictures of real life super heroes!

Love these capes from Plum Pear Apples Designs – these two super hero capes were for a 1st grade teacher who ordered them for her class – one to be used for birthdays and the other as a reward.

How cute are these real life super heroes – party inspiration from Sara’s Party Perfect

So much of cuteness – don’t you just adore these little super heroes from Shameless Photography

I reckon this little super hero’s super power is Attitude for sure!

(Super hero cape from Etsy)

And if you want to make your own cape, here is a tutorial from The Handmade Home to get you on your way! All the super power to you for this!

And lastly…. just don’t forget…

(image from Media Bistro)


One Two, buckle my Shoes

12 May

I’ve never really been a shoe gal – I can’t understand having a cupboard full of them – I live in my slip slops and have a few pairs of those, but that’s as far as my shoe selection goes! No matter how much of an unshoe person I am though, no one can deny the cuteness of these shoes below.

(Image Source: Flickr)

Nice idea to do with one of your baba’s first pair of shoes – I’m sure down the line when they’re all big and teenagey you’re not going to believe they fitted into such cuteness. (Image source: Made by Girl)

These are just pretty don’t you think! (Image source: Bondville)

Cute images from Joy Folie Blog

Here’s a tutorial from Tao of Craft to make these adorable booties!

And how cute are these crocheted booties. You can purchase the pattern on Etsy here.

Make your own Flip Flop straps from Make It… Love It

And…. saving the best for last….. ShooShoos – made in South Africa from leather. I just brought two pairs – one for Layla and one for a friend who’s just had a baby. At R100 a pair,  plus a 10% discount at the moment you can’t you wrong! (Thanks to Natural Mama for her recent post that made me aware of their online shop)

100th Post celebrated with hair clips, of course!

11 Apr

So today is our 100th post, yay, happy dance for how much we’re loving finding all these cute bits and pieces to share with you. Thanks for all your comments, tweets, emails and support – it’s been amazing hearing back from you – I won’t lie, my tummy does a flick flack every time I get a new comment, retweet or new subscriber to the site 🙂

The 100th post isn’t going to be my topic today though, I just wanted to say thanks for reading my posts that got us so far, and here’s looking to the next 1000 posts.

Back to my post… I used some hair clips on Layla last week – not that she really needs them, but flip she looks even cuter with them in! So…. how sweet will these little clips (from Just Deeana) be to make for her?

And in case there’s not enough hair yet…. I just love this daisy headband from Curly Birds.

Love this idea below for a baby shower for a baby girl from Kara’s Party Ideas – all the mom’s made hair clips in anticipation of the new arrival. Love the colour combination!

You can find a tutorial from Prudent Baby here to make similar hairclips like the one in this gorgeous pic.

Don’t you think these would make lovely accessories for party bags, or used to wrap gifts for mom’s at their baby showers. A gift put in a simple brown paper bag, closed with a hairclip and a bit of ribbon – beautiful.



So cold

8 Apr

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, but I’m up in Joburg for work… All I have to say on the matter is that it’s freeeeezing, but at least I got to use the leggings that I brought for Layla, and they’re damn cute!

(Image source: Make it and Love it)

ps – posts back tomorrow, and I promise not to leave you again like this 🙂

Pink Gumboots Pleeeaase

5 Apr

I’m in love! Seriously in love… I need a pink pair of wellies for my little cupcake, and I need her to start walking. I need a little white frock like this one so that I can replicate this exact image (from the Pink Wallpaper blog)… So I guess I need a wooden floor as well… Just too precious.


More Wellies for the little people…

Matching rain coat and gumboots from Toby Tiger – originally seen on Babyccinokids


For the big people…

Cute huh!

How bright and wonderful are these gumboots – I want one in every colour, especially the red, or yellow, or green, hmmmm

Lastly – think this would lovely in my garden – just not sure I could manage to fill the boots with soil instead of my toes! It’s still a nice idea huh… (image from Flickr)

Doing the Robo Boogie

4 Apr

I’m always a fan of a beanie, and there’s no exception for this one!

Such an amazing birthday cake from Do be sure to pop over to this blog for some more stunning ideas from their Robot party they held for their 3 year old!

How sweet is this robot t-shirt, also from Etsy – perfect for someone’s 1st birthday outfit

CupcakesFrom Hello-Naomi

Robot Posters from Etsy

And lastly – this Mom deserves at least 10 medals – not only is she the mother of quadruplet boys, but still manages to produce a robot party with cakes like this! Respect 🙂

Dinosaur Talk

30 Mar

The Dad in our family  does an awesome impersonation of a T-Rex, and with the little baby dinosaur noises that our little one has started making in the morning, I think all these finds would go down well in this household.

I think Layla needs one of these t-shirts or onesies (baby grow) from Etsy

I’m also thinking I need to haul out my sewing machine and follow this tutorial from Tatertots and Jello to make one of these… in pink perhaps? Or perhaps I should wait until she’s walking at least (let alone crawling).

Another cute ‘How To’ make for your Dinosaur boy (from Ginger & George)

I even went as far as buying this pattern from Tottoppers a little while back – now I just need to find someone who can knit with 4 needles, as is a little too advanced for this beginner knitter.

And lastly, I found instructions for these sweet Origami Dinosaurs on A little Learning for Two