10 “Somethings” every child’s room should have – Something to sleep on

16 Feb

I saw this post originally on OhDeeDoh and thought it would be a great virtual inspiration board to go through points one to ten, one post at a time and add my own slant to their suggestions… Here’s number 1 –

1. Something To Sleep On: We meant basic above, but the bed is the first place to start!

So I know the original post was referring to a bed, which would obviously be the first ‘something’ that every room should have, but in my mind, something as beautiful as this crochet pillow is just as important as a bed!

Image from the Holland Fabric House

But… I’ll stick to the topic… and  here are some of my choice  ‘something to sleep on’ – all from www.spearmintbaby.com


Last, but not least, I just love this linen from South African brand Tula-tu Baby

2 Responses to “10 “Somethings” every child’s room should have – Something to sleep on”

  1. Beryldene Stemp February 16, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

    oh hey, did I EVER see so much bedroom yumminess, EVER?….and so looovin’ your colour MIELIE…sigh….i’ll def be BAACK!

  2. colourgiggles February 17, 2011 at 6:18 am #

    One can seriously never have too much of yumminess anywhere! Look forward to seeing you back here and thanks for the feedback!

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