The 2nd “Something” every child’s room should have – something that glows

17 Feb

I saw this post originally on OhDeeDoh and thought it would be a great virtual inspiration board to go through points one to ten, one post at a time and add my own slant to their suggestions… Here’s number 2

2) Something That Glows: Overhead lights can be so harsh, especially if you’re trying to get little ones to sleep! A task light or lamp can bring much comfort and warmth. Even a flashlight to read under the covers with is a plus!

Isn’t this Sparkly glow too pretty!

Instructions on how to make this Glittering Lightscape can be found here

I don’t have the source for this image, but couldn’t resist including it – just love it as a reading light.


Last but not least – how awesome are these re ‘Glow in the Dark’ decals from


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