Mad Hatters Tea Party

27 Jun

Anyone planning a Mad Hatter’s Tea party out there? I’ve heard of two clever mom’s who have started the planning for theirs in the last few days and so thought I’d put some ideas that I can find up as well! Can you tell I’ve got party planning envy? Only 11 months to go until our next party!

Love this table setting from The Cake Blog – perfect for an Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatters Tea Party theme don’t you think?

Cute little tea cups made out of delicious tasting goodies from Fantasticando

How adorable are these hand painted large tea cups from an Alice in Wonderland party hosted by Party Wishes.

Love this idea for some gorgeous party pack from Amy Atlas’s blog

Or this idea for a give away – as far as I can tell they’re those big round lollies with a printout on them from Kara’s Parties

Cute idea from Better Life Bags if you want to make a photo booth for your guests. This is just a box that’s been painted and embellished and made to look like these little Alice’s are getting bigger.

Here’s another great idea for a photo booth from IKatBag


4 Responses to “Mad Hatters Tea Party”

  1. KaRi June 27, 2011 at 7:13 am #

    Did not think that anything could make me smile this Monday morning, but this fore sure did! Love it!

  2. Karen June 27, 2011 at 9:08 am #

    You have just given me such a great idea for Amy’s party – thank you!!!

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