Cardboard box crafting

25 Jun

One blog award and it all goes to my head – 3 days later and my next post! Apologies for not posting since Wednesday, but I was hit with some germs out of no where and so have been spending as much of my free time in bed sleeping. I’m back, and I think the germs are retreating!

Back to blogging! And it seems that I’m not the only one that’s in love with the idea of using cardboard boxes as toys. Check out these amazing ideas for cardboard box playing!

Love this playhouse from Sweet Paul (with instructions)

How grand is this castle from!

Make your own guitar out of cardboard – you can view the full tutorial here at Minieco

And how cool is this aeroplane from Mini Mocha

This is one of my favourites, might have something to do with the colours they’ve used! This little kitchen set was found in Declutter Organize Repurpose  but originally from

Here’s a close up of the oven…

And lastly – here’s a useful post on how to work with cardboard from I Kat Bag which also includes a truckload of links to some amazing projects all made from cardboard… seriously, go and have a look!

That’s all for today folks, I’m off to find those boxes lying around this house!!

One Response to “Cardboard box crafting”

  1. KaRi June 25, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    Am loving the oven and kitchen out of card board! Wowie!

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