Red and Aqua eye candy

4 Jul

Today is all about Red and Aqua… Nothing to do with Monday and blue… these colours are too delicious to be sad and should hopefully do nothing but brighten up your day. Hope you all have a happy week!

I know my week would be massively improved with this craft display cabinet from All Sorts

Cupcakes could only taste extra delicious in these! (Image also from All Sorts)

How beautiful is this quilt. (Image from Flickr)

And how trendy is this nursery… definitely one bookmarked for our next nursery!!!

(Image from Apartment Therapy)

Love these different combinations (from Stitched in Color)

And if anyone is looking for a colour combination for a crocheted blanket….

(Image from Flickr)

And doesn’t this fabric make you want to dash out and spend far too much money at your closest fabric shop!

(Image: Etsy)

Lastly – here’s some pure cuteness to end off the post today….

(Galvanized Pails available from Etsy)

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