The 8th Something every bedroom should have – something to take pride in

1 Mar

Number 8 on the  list  I originally saw on OhDeeDoh is ‘something to take pride in’. I thought it would be a great virtual inspiration board to go through points one to ten, one post at a time and  to add my own slant to their suggestions…

8. ” Something To Take Pride In: It might be the pine wood derby car they made in Boy Scouts, a macaroni necklace they made, or a certificate of outstanding school attendance, but either way, having something they made themselves, won or achieved is a great thing to have.”

I think children’s artwork is always something that they (together with Mom and Dad of course) are proud of. Here are a few ways of displaying your child’s art, be it in their room or elsewhere in the house!

(As seen on

Here’s a great way to display numerous works of art by your child in one print…

Here’s another great idea which I’ve done previously as a different way to display  my niece’s artwork (I think the fridge had run out of space!). It’s a coffee table book with prints of your child’s artwork printed in them.

I used, and it was as easy as taking photos of the artwork and loading them using the software, laying the artwork out and sending the file to print – all done online using their software (which is easy to use) and a few days later I could collect the book from the photo lab.

Image from Martha Stewart

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