The 9th Something – Something with Colour!

2 Mar

“9. Something With Color: Even if you love a totally monochromatic room (we do too!) there has to be some bit of color somewhere. A pillow, a throw, a mobile or even a rug, something to make the balance between cool and comforting and warm and bubbly exist!” (Original post from OhDeeDoh)

Colour is obviously something we’ve never had a problem with. I love this nursery with so much colour, but still so well balanced with the white of the room.

I admit – I have colour organization envy here! Isn’t this perfect for any child’s room. (Image taken from this article ‘Cutting through the clutter of toys‘) One day when I’m big, I’m also going to be so beautifully organized!

And if you’re looking for a simple colour solution, it looks like they’ve just used ribbon here. Got to love a bit of ribbon huh!

One Response to “The 9th Something – Something with Colour!”

  1. Andrea Liss March 2, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Oh my, how stunning! Oh my…& the brooding continues.


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