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You are my Sunshine (free printable)

19 Nov

Like probably a million moms around the world, this is the song that I sing to my little monkey when I’m waking her up from her afternoon nap, or when I changed her when she was a baby, or my first choice in the car when we’re choosing songs to sing… I just love the design of this print, and even better is that it’s available from to download for free from Designer Blogs. Guess what I’m printing tomorrow to put up in my monkey’s room.

You make me happy when skies are grey

3 Nov

I just love love love these words….. this song… My little monkey really is my Sunshine and I try and tell her every single day…

Print available from Etsy

How amazing is this birthday cake for a ‘You are my sunshine birthday party!’ from The Party Wagon

These amazing biscuits are from the same party from The Party Wagon

How cute is this “you are my sunshine” dress up costume from Parenting

(Image from Tumblr)