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Hot Air Balloons

30 Jun

I’ve never been in a hot air balloon, but do think it’s something I’d like to do! And if I don’t get to go in a real one any time soon, these will be a more than good enough start for now!

How adorable are these ‘hot air balloons’ made by the lovely Helen from Curly Birds for her two precious daughters… Visit her blog for the link on how she did it!

Quite like this idea for a cute photo shoot! (Image from Shannon Sewell)

And love the colours in this hot air balloon (Image from Smatch)

And here’s a tutorial if you want to make some of your own paper hot air balloons, very similar to the image above –  from Brown Accents

Cute 3D wall art from Etsy if you’re thinking of a hot air balloon theme for your little one.

And then there’s always this idea for a fancy dress party – ever thought of dressing the kids up as a hot air balloon!!  You can see how this little guy’s costume was made over here