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Teacher Gifts

10 Nov

My mom was a teacher, my sister is a pre-primary teacher, and quite honestly, I don’t know how they do it.. Honestly, I can spendĀ  10 minutes in her class and I’m exhausted, like, have to go home and take a nap exhausted. But day in and day out she teaches these little monkeys, she loves them, guides them, she helps mould these little people into the people they are.

Teachers, I think you are all amazing and I think you don’t get nearly as much recognition as you deserve. Thank you for investing so much into the little ones that are growing into our worlds next leaders!

For the mamma’s who are looking for some gifts as the end of our school year fast approaches, here are some ideas. I do personally think a heart felt thank you note from both the parent and kid would be number 1, but then again, I’m sure gifts never go unappreciated – especially considering what the teachers do for the kids throughout the year..

Here’s one of my favourite ideas for a teachers gift… I just think they look sooo pretty! (I saw this over at Skip To My Lou where you can see how they did this.)

You can find the tutorial and free templates over at Design Mom

Or here’s a different take (from Givers Log) on the same idea, but rather using your child’s own artwork. Love it.

I also like this idea for revamping a note book – check out Little Birdie Secrets for how they did it

I saw a quote the other day that I thought pretty much sums teachers up

Or here’s a simple idea – just download the free printable here from eighteen25 and put it on a clipboard for them to hang in their classroom (or frame it if you want)

Or… use these free, editable downloads that you can use to accompany a pot plant for the special teacher.

“Teachers – not doing it for the income, doing it for the outcome