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Recording baby’s first year (and my very first give away!)

8 Nov

My little guy is 12 weeks old today. 12 WEEKS, seriously, where has the time gone. I actually don’t want to think about it too much because it makes me a little sad that my tiny newborn is getting big, sometimes I wish I could just freeze time and keep him this little forever. (And then I remember what it’s like to kind of sleep through the night and I get happy again that time does move forward!).

Which brings me to today’s post… different ways to record your baby’s first year. I’ve only woken up now to do this, and I could kick myself that I’ve already lost 12 weeks. Anyway, I’ve set reminders on my phone for the 21st of every month going forward and I WILL capture a photo monthly.

Here are some cute ideas I found…

Love this photoshop tutorial from Young House Love

I also like the idea of placing baby in the same spot throughout the year to see how they are growing in comparison. Love this from Cheap Chic Nursery.

And this idea from Under the Sycamore

And so…. last but not least… I love the idea so much (even if I’m a little behind in my months), I decided to pull some creative director rank in my home and together with my darling graphic designer husband we came up with the following two designs of monthly (vinyl) stickers that you can use to capture those months that go by oh so quick.

Each sticker is 10cm in diameter and can be used a number of times to ensure you get the perfect photo each month. Stick them on their onesies, t-shirts, nappy bums etc, snap away with your camera and in a years time you’ll have some great photo evidence of how your little people have grown throughout the year. A great alternative to the standard gifts of bum cream and bath products at a baby shower  🙂

I’m selling them for R120 for a pack of 12, inclusive of postage. I am going to give a set away – all you need to do is ‘like’ my very very new Facebook page for the stickers. Any tweets will give you additional entries, and we’ll do the draw on Tuesday 13 Nov…

Pop over here if you are interested in buying some

Cool photography

11 Sep

Now I’m no photographer, in fact, the camera on my phone is as far as I go, but seeing such a cool picture on Bored Panda kinda makes me want to become a photographer just for 10 minutes or so…

According to this post, you can get this picture


by doing this…


Surely the options must be endless… ie, pretty flowers, etc?

Some photography inspiration

22 Sep

So I saw this photo on Facebook over the weekend that a lovely friend (who happens to be a lovely photographer) of ours took of another lovely friend’s sweet toddler. The ‘model’ in the shoot also happens to be the cutest ‘almost 2 year old’ in our lives – either way though, whether you know them or not, I’m sure you’ll agree that this shoot is just too gorgeous. Just loving the colour combination. (ps – the newborn on Megan’s maternity and newborn page just happens to actually be the cutest baby in the whole wide world, no doubt about it… being her mother I can 100% confirm this. Gosh, I forgot how tiny our little monkey was at 4 days old!!!)

Ok, then this photo is from one of my lovely Twitter friend who often makes me jealous talking about the gorgeous kiddie birthday party she takes photos at… Anyway, perusing through her website I came across this photo which I just love!


And lastly….(who knew I had so many photographer friends!)

The lovely husband and wife team from PeppermintPix do amazing outside shoots (they do a whole bunch of different shoots, but for me their outside family / kiddie ones are just the best!)

So if you’re looking for a photographer…

If you’re in Durban….. Megan Hancock Photography

Durban & Joburg…… PeppermintPix

Cape Town…… Cazpix Photography

And then just for some Thursday kicks and tricks, I though I’d add a few more photos that I’ve pinned on Pinterest that I love..

(Image source: Pinterest)

This has to be another favourite of mine – I keep threatening to try this at home!

Image Source: Andrea Burns Photography