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A big girl bed!

15 Mar

So I have to be honest, as super cute that all these big girl beds are in the pics to follow, the thought of moving my monkey (21 months) to a big girl bed is enough to keep me awake at night! The thing is that with monkey 2 on the way, I want her to be settled in a big girl bed before baby arrives (I need the cot!). With only 5 months to go, I reckon I can’t leave it that much longer to give her time to settle in… Any mom’s out there with any tips – please feel free to share the advice on a smooth transition, and more importantly how we’re going to keep her in her bed.

Anyway, don’t you think these ideas are cute! Whether they make the transition any easier, I”m not too sure, but cute either way!

Image from Minlilla Veranda 

Can you imagine how excited I was when a friend sent me the website for Nest – a local company that is an online retail store selling a beautiful range of furniture and storage solutions, just for kids!

(Image from Nest)

(Image from Pinterest)

Love the little lights on this bed from Thrifty Southern Living with Brooke