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Tell me about yourself award

17 Nov

Wow, thanks to the amazing and gorgeous Cupcake Mummy we, hmmm, that’s me and my blog, were awarded this blog award today. Yay, we love awards.

To be honest, I have actually been wanting to do a post on ‘who this mommy blogger is’. I’ve been thinking lately about how I’ve come to feel like I know so many of the bloggers whose stories I read daily or weekly, I’ve read stories of their husbands relieving their dogs with tears running down my face laughing so much, I’ve been made to think it might be time to start potty training my monkey, I’ve been inspired to start running, and loved hearing how other moms raise their kids creatively amongst so many other beautiful blogs I love.

Every day I’m inspired, supported and in awe of so many of these moms. In fact – in some of my most trying times, it was the mommy bloggers that gave me some of the most encouraging support. I feel I sometimes know so many of these mommy’s inside out, but I also want to more about… more of the nitty gritty… so here I go with some of my nitty gritty. I’d love for readers of Colour Giggles who blog to do the same and let us know more of their nitty gritty…

My name: Jude Foulston – well, it’s Judith on my birth certicate, but only my parents really call me that still.

Where I grew up: Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape, South Africa – one of the pretties places in the world. A tiny seaside village. When I say tiny, I mean there were 57 of us in our primary school. There weren’t enough girls for a hockey team, there were 7 of us in my class, and it was the best childhood ever.

Where I’ve lived: Kenton, Grahamstown, London, Sydney, Johannesburg and now Kloof (Durban), South Africa.

Married: Yes, in June 2009 to the craziest, funniest, loveable man who I met through a blind date, well, kind of through a blind date – we hooked up before the blind date though – longish story.

What scares me: Meeting people, yup, I’m sooo shy when you first meet me; not always being here for my daughter; spiders and snakes; crime.

Greatest moment: Becoming a mom and the day we got married.

What I hate: Fake people, people who don’t say thank you,  people who waste my time, and people who think they are above others.

Pet peeve: People who drive with their kids not buckled up; and of course people who harm kids.. I just don’t understand it.

Things I love: Hearing my monkey laugh with her Dad, African Sunrises, bright colours, road trips, sharing a glass of wine with my girlfriends, anything handmade, my home, birthdays, gerbera’s, surprises, the smell of fresh bread, being a mom.

Studied: Diocesan School for Girls and Rhodes University – both Grahamstown

Craziest things I’ve done: Sky diving, bungy jumping and a weekend in Amsterdam

Musical Instruments: Used to play the Saxophone

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Things I’d still like to do: Go to New York, go snowboarding again, take my kids to Disneyland, be closer to God, have thousands of hits to my blog every day!

Jobs I’ve had: Riding a bicycle ice cream cart around a tea garden near Windsor (UK), Au Pair, Barmaid – all on a gap year in the UK after school. Software developer for JPMorgan, London. Software Tester in Australia. Worked for Starlight Children’s Foundation in Sydney. Marketing Manager for Reach For A Dream and now I’m just the nice person at TomorrowToday.

Fondest memories from growing up: Fishing with my Dad, riding my go-kart and BMX, going barefoot to school, playing lego, watching the A-Team, building forts, spending Saturday afternoons at the Tennis Club, body surfing waves, mudpies.

What I miss most from my pre-mom days: Spontanious drinks after work with my girl friends. In fact, I’d say all things spontanious! Hmmm, and Sunday afternoon naps.

Chocolate or Vanilla – Chocolate, no debate.

Hobbies: Crafting, Reading, crafting

So go on, if you’re reading this then I hereby award you with the ‘Tell me about yourself Award”… can’t wait to hear more about you!