Day 2 Activity with my Monkey – Salt Dough hand and foot prints

1 Oct

Day two’s activity was making salt dough hand and foot prints, and we had great fun. It’s been raining for most of the day, so we set up camp on the kitchen floor where the mess could be swept up. My monkey loved measuring and pouring the salt and flour into the bowl, and of course adding the water, and then all of a sudden she become a little bit of a princess and wasn’t keen when her hands got a bit messy. She’s normally quite good with messy play, bet we’re all allowed our princess days aren’t we!

The recipe I used was half a cup of flour, half a cup of salt and a quarter cup of water. Mix it all together and baked in the oven for 3 hours at 100 degrees Celsius. Now here’s the school girl error I learnt…. and should have read the recipe better… remember to put the dough onto some baking paper before going into the oven, otherwise you get a great footprint, but can’t get it off the baking tray, which happened to me 🙂

Some pics from the morning..

Making and mixing…


The final product after the baking…





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