Surf’s up Dude

27 Oct

So this last weekend a group of us mom’s went for a surf lesson. What fun, and a different way to spend a morning while the Dad’s looked after the little ones. I have to admit that I was more scared to get into a costume in public than actually getting onto a surfboard and  felt a little like one of the ladies in the picture below to begin with.

(Image from Travelettes)

Anyway, it wasn’t too long before the adrenaline kicked in and the fun started… So you can guess the theme for today’s post!

Cute surf bunting from Etsy

Don’t you just love the decor for this surf party from Design Dazzle… they actually made these surfboards for the party!

I wouldn’t have minded coming across this scene this morning! (Such a lovely photoshoot from Drew B Photography)

Lucky for us we didn’t need any lifesavers this morning 🙂

(Image and ideas from The Princess and the Frog)


PS – high five to us mom’s for standing up and actually catching a few waves…


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