The first day…….

12 Sep

So last week I went to put my monkey’s name down at a gorgeous pre-school. It really does seem to be a special place filled with loads of very happy kidlets.  And seriously, how can you go wrong with sending your child to a school that goes by the name of Happy Days… Happy Days, now that’s what I’m talking about!

So I’ll admit that I was a little nervous, I put a considerable amount of time and thought into what I was wearing – my standard flip flops probably not going to cut it, and off I went feeling a little like I was going for a job interview.

I’m pretty confident that we’ll be ‘accepted’ and that I got the monkey’s name down on the list in time –  I mean hellooo – I was kind of proactive on this one (well, with a few nudges from special friends)… considering I sent the invitations out to our 1st birthday party about a week before the big day, I’m thinking that a year and a half (which is the time before the monkey will go to this school) is quite very on the ball.

So I know I’m getting ahead of myself… but couldn’t help it. Don’t get me wrong I’d keep my monkey at home forever if I could, but while we’re on the subject of first day at school…..

(Image from Sugar Bee Crafts)

Here’s a cute idea from Alpha Mom to record the day as well…

And in the mean time, while I have my gorgeous precious monkey at home with me, I’ll continue to try and do the following on a daily basis..

(Print available from Etsy)


3 Responses to “The first day…….”

  1. Monika Wright September 15, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    Thanks for sharing my TEACH subway art print with your fans! Definitely makes me smile!

  2. ayabulela September 16, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    Awww can’t I rewind my bub’s 1st day @ school and try record the day like this?? 😦 What a lovely post

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