Baby Steps

18 Aug


Baby Steps… it’s a good reminder for me these days… but apart from that… our little monkey is now a walker! At 15 months she’s taken her time, but now that she’s found this new ‘talent’ she’s as pleased as anything with herself and is walking around with the cheesiest of grins on her face. (Mommy is of course equally as proud!)

Now I’ve never really been a shoe type of gal… in fact many a woman would be horrified with the number, or rather lack of shoes (especially heels) in my cupboard, but times might be changing, because when I see the adorable shoes that come in sizes just perfect for new walkers, my heart wants to melt and I can easily see how people can’t help but buy too many pairs of shoes! My monkey’s first real pair of walking shoes are a red pair of trainers, and as I said people… baby steps, but there is even some bling on these shoes… maybe there is still hope for us 🙂

Anyway, liked these pics to celebrate our little walker!

(Image from: Can you come outside to play)

And aren’t these the cutest little feet for walking, just the way they should be…

(Image found on Tumblr)



2 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. Anita Boxoza (@anitaboxoza) August 18, 2011 at 9:57 am #

    I love having a walker too 🙂 My walker has small feet though so finding shoes that are soft soled but won’t make her slip is a but of a mission. 🙂

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