Things to do with your kids (11 – 20)

10 Jun

So how many of last weeks ‘things to do‘ have you managed to do with your kids?  If I’m honest, we probably did 50% of them, and really not enough of them. My monkey loves it when we blow bubbles for her, I need to do it more! The fact that the weather has been freezing is part of my excuse!  Don’t forget you can get the full list of 101 things to do  from Counting on Me 

  1. Go for a Walk
  2. Make a Car out of a Box (or anything I guess!)

(Image and ideas from DeclutterOrganizeRepurpose)

(Image and more ideas from: Lu Bird Baby)

3.  Read a book

4. Go to the park

5.  Finger-paint

(Image Source: Make it- Love it)

(You can find the recipe for these delicous looking, edible finger paints here)

6. Play with Play-Dough (recipe can be found here at An Art Nest

Some more recipes and cool ideas (like these very cute hearts) for playing with playdough can be found on the Simple as That blog

(Have you ever added glitter to playdough when making it – nothing wrong with a bit of bling huh… – sorry, no picture, just thought of that as I’m putting this post together.)

7. Toss Bean bags into a Bucket

8.  Play the shell and pea game (I had to google this one!)

9.  Dance to music

(Image source: Pinterest)

10. Download games for toddlers from the Internet


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