Things to Do Tuesday: Remembering Birthdays!

7 Jun

My word for 2011 is meant to be organization!!! We’re basically half way through the year and I’m reflecting on how more organized I’ve become.  hmmmm. I think there has been some improvement, but nothing too life changing yet! Clearly I’m a work in progress. Anyway… I’ve realized that to help me on my quest to be more organized a ‘To do’ list is essential (I know, not rocket science, but I’ve already put my disclaimer out that I’m a slow work in progress.

So… here it is…. my to do list that I”ll print a truckload of and they’re so pretty I think I might actually want to add to this every hour of my day… Let’s hope I get to cross stuff off just as much!

This gorgeous & free printable is available off the lovely All Sorts blog.

Next on my list is a birthday calendar – this might seem a bit excessive, but not really when you count the number of birthday’s I’ve missed this year (and the number of birthdays that are being added at a monthly rate these days).

I recently brought this stunning calendar from Whimsy (right here in Durban) and it’s got pride of place in my kitchen and so far I’ve got two birthdays right this week!

Here’s another one I quite like that I saw on Babble

Staying on Birthdays – I came across this birthday tradition that I really like and wouldn’t mind starting in our house. They use an advent calendar and each day members leave little notes for the birthday person leading up to their special days. The teddy also moves closer and closer to their big day. Pretty sweet huh. (You can see the full story on OhDeeDoh)

And lastly – when you’re totally organized, have remembered the birthday, even got the present and card all sorted days ahead of time thanks to your to do list, how’s this for an amazing way to wrap a gift. (Idea from another favourite blog of mine – Mini-Eco)


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