26 May
Believe it or not, but a few weeks before our monkey arrived, my nursery looked very much like the spare room that it was. As excited as I was with preparing this special space, I really had no idea where to start and felt completely overwhelmed (little did I know that the room was going to be the least of the overwhelming things we’ve faced since she’s arrived!).  Luckily for me,  my super talented and created girlfriends (the ones who’ve taught me about all things that glitter, shine, twinkle and smell nice) Venessa, Tracy & Beryldene came to the rescue and transformed a very dull spare room into the beautiful nursery that Layla now has. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because the one wall in her room was painted in stripes – the two shades of yellow that I had originally chosen. There is NO way  would ever have come up with this on my own, let alone be brave enough to give it a bash – needless to say, the stripes have been so effective and we just love what they do for the room.
Here are some pictures of other rooms where they’ve used stripes in the decor – the best thing about stripes is that if you’re doing a DIY job, they’re really easy to do – nothing that a bit of paint, ruler and masking tape can’t achieve! (I know – this is where I should have a picture of our nursery, hmmm.. I don’t!)
Feathered Nest Interiors, LLC contemporary kids
(Image Source: Design Sponge)
Don’t you love this grey colour scheme with the splashes of such beautiful colours from Project Nursery
And in case you’ve run out of bedrooms to do a make over to, why not move onto the bathrooms and paint it like this one I found on Pinterest

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