Party Party Party Cakes

19 May

So… today I did a test run for the birthday cake for the party on Saturday. Test run worked so well that the cake is now in the deep freeze and has been turned into the real deal.. Why spend two afternoons in the kitchen when the cake looks great (and tastes good!) You’ll have to wait for Saturday to see what I’ve chosen to make!

Anyway, with all this cake on my mind I thought I’d see what the more adventurous mom’s out there are doing!

Can you imagine walking through with this baby! I admit – I have cake envy… you can check out The Tom Kat Studio for more pictures from this sweet party!

And as for this Dr Seuss cake from the Frosted Events blog . Definitely not for the faint hearted to make this!

Or how about this car racing track cake – love how they use the top for the track, so clever.

(Image source: Always Mod blog)

And for those that find it tough deciding on a cake design for babies – I do love this idea for blocks from Michelle Cakes

And lastly…. all I can say for this cake is YUMMY

(Image Source: Flickr)


One Response to “Party Party Party Cakes”

  1. Andrea May 19, 2011 at 1:43 pm #

    That last cake is MOUTH WATERING! I NEED it!

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