Back from holiday

3 May

Apologies for a few missing days of posts – we’ve just been on our  first family holiday and I was away from my laptop more than I was expecting. Not a bad thing for my family, but do feel I’ve neglected the blog! Anyway… here’s some of what we did on holiday, and I promise I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

We travelled to Cape Town, stayed on a farm in Grabouw, visited Franschoek, drove past mountains with snow on them, sigh…

Should have gone to the Aquarium, but weather was manky and we stayed indoors in front of a fire for a lot of the time. I believe we would have seen some amazing sea life if we had gone though. Maybe something like these:

(How to from Make and Takes)

Even though the weather was so cold and wet, what would a family holiday be without an ice cream or two.

Going on how much my monkey loved the ice cream I think she wouldn’t mind an ice cream shop of her own just like this one!

(From Katherine Marie Photography)

Ok, I’m not sure if there are any cute pics out there for red wine, so will skip that part of the holiday 🙂

Here’s a pic of me and my monkey in the beautiful Cape Town.

Good to be back 🙂


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