Bright Cosy Blankets & the Twitter Blanket Drive #TBD

20 Apr

Before your eyes wander further down this blog post, the real reason for this blog post is to hopefully raise awareness of The Twitter Blanket Drive or #TBD that is happening for the 2nd year running in South Africa. The campaign’s aim is to collect blankets for the poor and needy as winter fast approaches.  So – I challenge you to visit their website, or follow the Twitter feed using #TBD. And for a great summary of the campaign and how you can get involved you can visit Barrie Bramley’s recent blog post here.

And once you’ve done all that 🙂 enjoy the eye candy that follows in this blog post.

I just LOVE the blog (every inch of it) where this comes from – Attic24 – filled with beautiful colours and designs and all things so very very pretty.

(Image Source: We Heart It)

(Image Source: Flickr)

I also love the simple colour combination of this crocheted blanket available on Etsy

Just kind of like this picture from

And the last one, also from Attic24

But, let’s not forget the real point of the blog – although I loved finding all these gorgeous bright, warm and cosy blankets, the kids and needy people in South Africa don’t even require a blanket that’s beautiful – they just need blankets that will keep them warm as winter approaches, so if you can, why not support the #TBD

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