Cardboard box party!

16 Apr

The time is ticking for ideas for Layla’s 1st Birthday party at the end of May. I  love the idea of a rainbow / colour party and was secretly planning her colour party in my head – that was until one of my mamma friends mentioned that she had loved the rainbow cake that we blogged about and thought it was perfect for a colour party for her little one – 3 weeks after Layla’s! I could of course proceed as planned (our party will be before hers, ha ha) but secretly I’m just thrilled that one of our readers and friend loved our post enough to use it…. so back to the drawing board it is for us!

And here’s what I just found – (I have to agree that it’s not quite the colour party I first had in mind, but I do like the concept and the humour that goes with pulling this off!) I do also sit between not wanting to go completely overboard for the monkey’s 1st birthday – sometimes I think all I need is a big cake for the obligatory hands in birthday cake photo and maybe some champagne for the moms everyone will be happy, but then think it’s her very first birthday and I have to make this a massive celebration – whether she knows what is going on or not!

So…. what do you all think of this idea that i saw on Hello Lucky

A cardboard box party!!!!!!!!!!!  We all know how much kids so often love the boxes more than the gifts – spending hours messing around with the boxes – well… this would be perfect!

And of course you wouldn’t stop at just a plain old Huggies box

How about a cardboard box aeroplane?

Or a cardboard car?

And the mom and dad sure have a sense of humour – check out the invitations to the party – BYOB (bring your own box)

Even the cake looked like a cardboard box!

Be sure to pop over to Hello Lucky for the original post and more ideas and photos from this birthday party.


2 Responses to “Cardboard box party!”

  1. Tanya April 17, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    What a wonderful and very original idea! Love it!

  2. Tracy Schimper April 17, 2011 at 7:35 pm #

    Love the idea, but *sigh* really loved the rainbow idea – seriously though, cardboard cake NOT AN OPTION 🙂

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