Bubble and squeek

6 Apr

Ok, so I just liked the title cause it sounds cute… but….before I continue, let me warn you – there is nothing (in my learned opinion) sweet or cute about ‘Bubble and Squeak‘. Growing up, my darling mother used to give us ‘Bubble and Squeak’ for lunch some times – it’s a mixture of potato and cabbage – aaaaaagh yuk. She’s tried to justify this ever since, but seriously mom… what were you thinking. So… cute title, but this post will only contain bubbles – no squeak, that would just be encouraging the combination 🙂

(Image source: Tumblr)

Now… if you’re thinking of a party idea – why not have a bubble party (as seen on LivingLocurdo) – I reckon this would be a fantastic option, especially for the celebrations of the younger years. What kid doesn’t love a bottle of bubbles, running after and popping the bubbles!

Or if you’re just looking for an activity to do with the little ones on an afternoon, this bubble painting looks like a heap of fun! You can find the directions and what you’ll need at this blog here.

Don’t you also love the colours of this idea for a DIY ‘bubble’ mobile from Spearmint Baby. (You can find a how to make these at the Ruffled Blog.)

And just to finish off with some cuteness.

(Image from Dedeholman Photography)


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