The Royal Wedding

1 Apr

True story – I was 3 years old when Lady Di and Charles got married. With both my  maternal grandmother and mother being born in the UK, I remember it was a day to be celebrated. I remember the family settling in front of the TV for the day, waving our mini Union Jacks all day long. But here’s the crazy thing… being 3 my imagination was obviously quite wild, and up until the age of about 10 I seriously believed that I had attended that Royal wedding in the flesh. To this day in fact, I can remember where we sat. (right hand side of St Pauls, towards the back – I guess that made us friends of the groom?) I also remember being quite horrified when my mother had to convince me that we hadn’t actually been at the wedding.

I wonder how many little girls will be completely wrapped up in Kate and Will’s wedding on the 29th April!

And in the meantime, how awesomely funny are these Royal Wedding masks for a bit of pretend ‘Wedding wedding’ play as seen on

So… if you’re going to have a Royal Wedding party, and let’s face it, what a great excuse for a party, well, except, I’ve just realized that I don’t think it’s a public holiday for the world, hmmm, why aren’t they getting married on a Saturday – I know wedding venues come cheaper on a Friday, but seriously….

Anyway, back to the party – if you are having one… how about some of these from Allsorts

And can you believe it – the Early Learning Centre has brought out a Royal Wedding kids play set! (Seen originally on this post from Lil Magoolie)


2 Responses to “The Royal Wedding”

  1. Helen April 1, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    What a fun story! I grew up in England and was 5 when Charles and Di got married. I felt sure I was their illegitimate child and they were going take me to live in their castle!!

    Even though we now live in the US, and I’m sure the wedding will be at an awfully unsociable time, I really want my girls to see it.

    LOVE the masks!

    • colourgiggles April 2, 2011 at 8:56 am #

      Love how our imaginations worked back then and how we all got so completely wrapped up in the event. I’m sure your girls will just love watching it on TV and will have their own memories of the when they’re big. Enjoy 🙂

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