Don’t be fooled tomorrow!

31 Mar

It’s been a tradition in our household from ever since I can remember to see who can get caught out the most on April Fools Day. My dad is the king April Fooler and manages to catch me out most years. From telling my sister and me that a ship, full of clothes, had been wrecked at our local beach when we were growing up and there were clothes up for grabs everywhere along the stretch of beach, to another prank,  not so many years ago when I was living in Australia.  I received a long newsy email from him, and in between all the news he mentioned how the SA  Government had approved a system whereby you could print your own money from home, using special ink brought at the banks. This was going to revolutionize the banking system internationally – save us all so much time from standing in lines at ATM’s etc. Well – I have to admit, I fell for it hook, line and sinker, and remember thinking to myself that it was pretty out there and wondered how it would work, but none the less, I still believed it!

So… while I think of some ideas to catch my dad out tomorrow – here are some cute ideas for your little ones for April Fools Day tomorrow!

Why not start their days off with some blue or green milk with their cereal? (Recipe from Family Fun)

Worm in your apple (from Family Fun)

Fried Egg Sundae from Family Fun.


One Response to “Don’t be fooled tomorrow!”

  1. Andrea Liss March 31, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    Blue food colouring – Check
    Milk – Check
    Cereal – Check

    Cannot wait to prank the boys!


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