Cowboys are cool

24 Mar

Want to make something this weekend – check out this tutorial from Dandee on how to make a Hobby Horse for your little cowboy or cowgirl!

I also couldn’t resist including this picture of a similar sock hobby horse -I reckon it would be hard not to fall in love with this guy as well.

Yum, I’ve seen what yummy biscuits that these Cowgirl Cookie jars deliver and they look like… well, they look like the type of biscuits that wouldn’t last long in this house. Full recipe, tutorial, and free printables to make your own Cowgirl (and cowboy) biscuit mixes in a jar are available from

And in case you’re organizing a Cowboy or Cowgirl Birthday party, here are some ideas (and customized Printable Design Collection from Etsy you can purchase)

Cause every cute cowboy needs a cute cowgirl with pink cowgirl boots! (Boots available from Etsy here)

There’s a reason why this ‘toddler bed‘ is available from a website called Posh Tots – I’m afraid at $15 900.00 you’de be very posh tot in my books and probably wouldn’t be invited to my house for tea no matter how cool your kids bed was – I just don’t have the tea set to go keep up ya know 🙂

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