The Tenth and final Something every child’s room should have – Something they chose

3 Mar

The last in this ‘series’ of numbers 1 through 10 of a list  I originally saw on OhDeeDoh No 10 is ‘Something They Chose’. I thought it would be a great virtual inspiration board to go through points one to ten, one post at a time and  to add my own slant to their suggestions… For numbers 1 though 9 please check out our previous posts.

10. Something They Chose: It’s all too easy to get caught up in decorating a space for your tiny tots without any input. Try letting them pick out a few items and allow them to help create their own space, they’ll be far more intuitive than you think though they might need a little adult guidance.

This post was a little difficult as how do I choose something the little ones would choose! So here we go – it might not be for the bedroom specifically, but I can’t imagine any kid who wouldn’t LOVE having in their living spaces!

And lastly (had to add a bit of colour), doesn’t this cute little kid could have chosen
everything from the pink suitcases to her dress and cute boots. Just love the photo
from this photoshoot on this Tomkat Studio blog!


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