Fun Meal Times

19 Jan

Since introducing solids to our little monkey I’ve been grateful on a daily basis to Annabel Karmel for providing us with delicious recipes for Layla. I’ve always been convinced that my children will be the fussiest of eaters as I’m still the fussiest eater, but no… drum roll Annabel Karmel and my child is eating Courgette Gratin of all meals!

A favourite recipe of ours is the Chicken Puree with Sweet Potato and Apple puree.

Also, not being a fan of vegetables myself (don’t judge me) it was very handy having this recipe book on hand to know how long I needed to steam the various vegetables that hadn’t before been seen in our kitchen. Who knows, with testing all these meals, I might just be converted to eating more veggies myself.

Funky Lunches – Happy Food for Happy Children

Speaking of meal times, check out these very cool lunches from Funky Lunches – I’ve just grabbed some pictures from their website – they too have a book for further inspiration and directions!


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